The Benefits of Unarmed Security Guard Services

Apr 17, 2024

Security guards can be a powerful protective presence for your property. They can help protect your employees, building, and valuable assets. When it comes to hiring a security guard service, though, should you choose an armed or unarmed team? 

It’s a serious decision for any business or building owner. There are pros and cons to both, but you may be surprised at just how effective an unarmed security team can be. We’ll help you weigh your own security needs and why hiring unarmed security guard services may be the best bet for your business. 

What to Ask Yourself Before Hiring Security Guard Services

Many factors go into determining the kind of security that’s best for your commercial property. Before hiring security guards, ask yourself: 

  • What security threats affect my property?
    Is theft your biggest concern? Do you have especially high-value assets on the property? Is workplace violence a concern? Understanding potential threats can help you choose suitable security measures.
  • Would the presence of a gun cause any issues?
    Consider your company culture and how your employees, visitors, and customers might react to an armed guard. Some people may feel uncomfortable, and an unarmed guard could create a more welcoming environment. 
  • Who will the guards interact with?
    Where will the guards be stationed? Will they deter criminals or interact with the public at the front desk? Know where they will work and who they will work with. You may not want an armed guard interacting with kids or the elderly, for example.   

Five Benefits of Unarmed Security Guard Services

Unarmed security guards offer tremendous benefits for commercial properties. Here are five reasons you should consider hiring unarmed guards for your business. 

Crime Deterrent 

Don’t underestimate the power of a visible security presence. Unarmed guards can be just as effective at deterring crime as armed guards. When would-be criminals know someone is watching over your property, they are less likely to take chances. They are unlikely to risk interacting with your security team, armed or not.  

Cost Savings

Unarmed security guard services are generally more affordable for businesses. Unarmed guards are paid at a lower hourly rate, and your business could save on licensing costs, insurance premiums, and the potential liability associated with having a firearm on site. These cost savings can be substantial, which can free up capital to invest in other security measures

Welcoming Environment

First impressions matter, and your business should make an excellent impression on visitors. Unarmed guards can create a welcoming, safe atmosphere for your property. This may be especially important for settings such as hospitals and office buildings where security is as important as keeping the atmosphere calm and professional.

On-Site First Responders

Security guards can do a lot more than deter crime. Unarmed guards can be the first to respond to other emergencies, such as fires, medical emergencies, or workplace violence. Having someone trained to respond to various emergency situations on site can put everyone’s mind at ease. 

Better Customer Service

Security guards can be an extension of your customer service team. If they interact with your clients and customers, they can answer questions, provide directions, and create a positive experience for everyone who enters your building. 

Secure Your Building With PEAK Security  

PEAK Security provides highly-trained and experienced unarmed security personnel ready to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere for employees and visitors. We understand the unique security needs of corporate buildings. Our team will work with you to develop a custom security plan with the guards you need at a price that fits your budget and priorities. 

Contact the PEAK Security team for a consultation. Let’s explore whether unarmed security guard services might be the right fit for your business.