What Kind of Guards Provide Security Protective Service?

Mar 21, 2024

When it comes to the safety of your family, your team, or your property, it’s hard to beat a personal approach. Security protective services exist for just such a reason, building on the frameworks of technological security with on-site personnel for immediate response. 

Who exactly are the right professionals for such a job?

5 Types of Guards and Their Applications

To be clear, the personnel for a security protective service job will always be a trained, professional guard. There are, however, certain subtypes of guards trained to operate in specific settings and conditions. Depending on your situation, you may need to employ any of the following professionals for your security protective services:

Unarmed Guards

Unarmed guards are, as the name suggests, officers trained to uphold security standards without the need for violent force. These guards are typically ideal for situations in which threats like theft and vandalism are expected, but violence is unlikely.

You’ll often see these guards deployed in public spaces, residential complexes, and commercial establishments, often in protective service of a particular person or piece of property.

Armed Guards

Armed security guards, like their unarmed counterparts, are trained to provide protection in a variety of scenarios, both private and public. However, they are also trained and certified to carry a personal firearm for use in certain emergency scenarios.

As you can imagine, this responsibility comes with extensive training to a rigorous safety standard. These guards are typically reserved for situations in which threats of violence are expected.

Executive Protection Agents

Often when people say “security protective services,” they’re actually referring to what the security industry calls “executive protection.” This form of service involves the personal protection of one or more at-risk individuals, typically a celebrity, VIP, or high-ranking executive of some kind.

Executive protection agents are trained specifically for these scenarios, often traveling with their assigned person as needed to pave a secure path forward.

Event Security Guards

Event security guards are an essential part of maintaining safety and order at any kind of public event, from concerts to political conventions. These guards are highly skilled in crowd management, conflict resolution, and evacuation procedures, making them an ideal measure for the protection of crowds (or property in crowded places).

Mobile Patrol Guards

For protective services on the move, mobile patrol guards are a tried-and-tested solution for a wide variety of scenarios. Apt for service on foot or in a vehicle, these guards conduct regular patrols around a designated area of protection, providing immediate response to any breach of security on site.

You may see these guards deployed in gated communities, school premises, and commercial properties with high-value merchandise.

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