How Security Guard Patrol Services Keep Businesses Safe

Apr 10, 2024

You have a lot invested in your business. How are you keeping your property, inventory, and employees safe? While security alarms and CCTV systems play a role in business security, the best protection requires a human touch. That’s where security guard patrol services can help. 

Security guard patrol services add a dynamic layer of protection by putting trained professionals on site who monitor your property in person. Whether you run a small jewelry shop or a busy office complex, there are significant benefits to using qualified security experts to keep your business safe. 

In this post, you’ll learn more about patrol services, why you need them, and where you can find the right patrol services in the Mountain West. 

Types of Security Patrol Services

There are different types of security guard patrol services. Choosing the right type for your business will depend on the size of your property, your most significant security threats, and your budget. The most common types of security patrols include:

Foot Patrols

Security guards patrol your business premises on foot, maintaining a highly visible presence while being able to inspect your property thoroughly and secure access points.

Mobile Patrols

Security guards use vehicles like cars, golf carts, or bicycles to patrol the property. These patrols are ideal for businesses with large properties or those that need to secure multiple locations. 

Electronic Surveillance

Patrols are often supplemented with electronic surveillance. Guards may monitor security cameras and use access control systems to secure a property. This can help guards monitor more than one place at a time or verify individuals remotely.

The best security will combine these patrol methods, tailoring solutions to your business’s needs. 

Benefits of Security Guard Patrol Services

Investing in security can benefit businesses of all sizes. Security guard patrols could reduce theft and vandalism and play a key role in keeping you, your employees, and your customers safe. 

Deters Crime

Criminals want an easy target. Security patrols send a clear message that your property is well protected, making would-be criminals think twice. Highly visible patrols are a powerful deterrent to criminal activity, reducing the likelihood of theft, vandalism, and break-ins. 

More than just their presence, though, trained security guards know how to spot and stop suspicious activity before trouble starts. Guards can also capture and contain perpetrators, partnering with local authorities to end criminal activity affecting your business.

Increases Safety

Security guards are more than a watchful eye. They are also your first line of defense in an emergency. Guards can respond to and help with various situations, including fires, medical emergencies, or safety issues. Their training can help protect your property and team while reducing potential damage. 

Security guards on patrol can also help your business approach security more proactively. They can conduct regular security system checks, identify potential hazards, and verify that access points are secure. Their vigilance can minimize your business’s risks. 

Peace of Mind

The presence of a trained security guard making patrols can bring peace of mind to everyone working at or visiting your business. You’ll rest easier at night knowing your property is protected. 

Employees also feel safer knowing a trained professional keeps their workplace secure. Security guards can walk employees to their vehicles at night, protecting them as they leave work after a long shift. 

PEAK Security Has the Right Patrol Services For Your Business

Security guard patrol services offer a comprehensive solution for businesses that want to increase their security and safety. To keep your property, inventory, and employees safe, partner with a reputable security company like PEAK Security. Our highly trained, background-checked, and experienced guards work hard to protect your business. We offer customizable security patrol services that can meet your business’s unique needs. 

Don’t wait for something to happen before you act. Contact PEAK Security today for a free consultation to learn more about our patrol services. We’re ready to partner with you to create a more secure, well-protected business.