Security Guard Companies: Real Life vs Movies

May 19, 2023

Security guard companies are an inextricable part of our everyday lives, whether the general public realizes it or not. From shopping malls to storage facilities, office buildings to events, there are all kinds of locations that depend on security guards to stay open and functional, day after day. 

Despite the commonality of their service, security guard companies tend to go largely under the radar. But if you’re in the market for a reliable security guard or new security system, read this post to make sure you understand the realities of what to expect.

3 Security Guard Stereotypes from the Media

What the general public does know (or, at least, thinks it knows) about security guard companies is often not very accurate. Depictions of security guards in media, from movies to television shows, tend to follow a few distinct stereotypes. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at these misconceptions about security guards — and reveal how they fail to capture the reality of the profession.

The Bumbling Security Guard, AKA: the Paul Blart

We’re all familiar with the stereotypical version of the shopping mall security guard, or more simply, the “mall cop.” Films like Paul Blart: Mall Cop (which, to its credit, was popular enough to warrant a sequel) hyped this stereotype as it’s not hard to play for laughs.

The reality of the situation, however, is that security guards are highly trained professionals. Most security guard companies put their guards through hours upon hours of rigorous training. Real-life security guards need to be vigilant, intentional, and highly adept at responding to emergency situations. 

As entertaining as the bumbling guard can be on screen, security guard companies know there’s no room for senseless error on the job, and their employees are trained accordingly.

The Aggressive Security Guard, AKA: the RoboCop

This movie stereotype may be more accurately called the “action hero” security guard. These kinds of characters have been on our screens for nearly as long as we’ve had televisions, but a lot of the best examples find their roots in the 1980s. 

The overzealous justice bringers and trigger-happy heroes like RoboCop, however, aren’t exactly what you’ll find in real life. In fact, most of a security guard company’s job revolves around de-escalating physical threats, eliminating the need for violence whenever possible. 

Guards are typically trained to manage aggressive behavior and utilize response tactics with non-harmful physical force. As such, most security guards need to be calm and collected, especially in high-tension scenarios. Likewise, real guards don’t tend to be as cold and stoic as your typical Terminator. Most of them are friendly and well-versed in customer service.

The Clueless Security Guard, AKA: the Larry Daley

We like to think there’s a special place in everyone’s heart for Larry Daley from Night at the Museum. Brought to life by actor Ben Stiller, poor Larry is always on the back foot — and not just because the museum mysteriously comes to life at night. 

While we can make certain exceptions for fictional characters, however, security guards in the real world have to be a bit more prepared for the job. Actual security guard companies only provide guards who are equipped to handle the scope of the job at hand. 

For example, guarding a museum would require an extensive knowledge of the building’s layout. Larger facilities will likely necessitate more security personnel, and even small facilities would still warrant a specifically-trained individual.

The best security guard companies tend to have guards with different specializations: some are trained to carry a weapon, some are experienced with patrolling facilities overnight, and some are trained for handling crowds during events. Guards are never picked haphazardly.

Security Guard Companies in Real Life

It’s plain to see there’s no shortage of goofy, outlandish, or flat-out inaccurate portrayals of security professionals across our modern media. Entertaining though they are, it’s important not to let those stereotypes color your perception of the very real men and women who devote long hours of training to do their jobs well.

Real-life security guard companies take every job seriously, and we here at PEAK Alarm are no exception. PEAK Security, the division of the PEAK Alarm family that trains and deploys security personnel, offers the highest quality of personal security service available on the market today. 

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